Paquetes Eco-turísticos


  • 2015 Achievements with World Fisheries Trust +

    Oycos is present now in Victoria (Vancouver Island), British Columbia, Canada. Oycos is working in collaboration with World Fisheries Trust ( since July 2015! Read the complete Annual Report 2015 here: WFT Annual Bulletin 2015.pdf !
  • Wetlands Day 2015 in Maldives +

    Wetlands Day 2015 in Maldives #WorldWetlandsDay #WetlandsForOurFuture Wetlands are one of the ecosystems we have to consider when talking about biodiversity, especially in the section of ecosystems diversity. Today, February 2nd, we celebrate the 2015 Wetland Day, promoted by RAMSAR ( under the title for this year: Wetlands for Our
  • Curso SIG 2014: 17 - 19 Octubre - Isla Margarita +

    CURSO DE SISTEMAS DE INFORMACIÓN GEOGRÁFICA El CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS DE AMBIENTE, ECONOMÍA Y SOCIEDAD colabora con OYCOS Volunteers, y en esta oportunidad presenta la programacion de su curso 2014 en la Isla de Margarita: DENOMINACIÓN DEL CURSO: Sistemas de Información Geográfica JUSTIFICACIÓN Y FUNDAMENTACIÓN DEL CURSO: Los Sistemas de
  • Cuba-Canada organic farmer’s exchange: insights and lessons learnt +

      Two geographical distinctive areas: North America (Canada) and the Caribbean (Cuba); two distinctive governmental models: Constitutional Monarchy and Socialism; two distinctive languages: English/French and Spanish; and the contrast can go for lines and lines. Thus, what could Cuba and Canada exchange about farming and seed saving? This was maybe
  • Organic farms exchange: Cuba - Canada (August 3rd, 2014) +

    August 3rd, 2014 Getting closer to Cuba: it taste like it! On August 3rd Cuban farmers and researchers woke up at the UVic residence in Victoria, back in Vancouver Island, for their last exchange in a Canadian farm. This time the team head up to Saanich. The van stopped this
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